How to create a printing area of irregular shape: Adobe illustrator

inkXE gives you the flexibility to restrict your customers to design inside a boundary of irregular shape and size. This is the boundary, inside which printing is allowed.

To create the printing area of any shape using Adobe Illustrator,

1. Create a new file of 500X500 pixels.

2. Place an image of the product.
3. Open 'Layers' panel. And lock the layer.
   * This is to make sure that the 'printing area' fits perfectly over of the product.

4. Draw the outline(s) over the product.
5. Set the fill color(s) of the path(s) to 'None'

6. Delete the original product image. 
7. Select all the path(s)
8. Go to Object > Compound Path > Make

    Shortcut Windows: Ctrl+8
    Shortcut OSX: Cmd+8

9. Save the Path as SVG file : File > Save As
    SVG profile must be set to 1.1

You are free to choose any other similar software of your choice.
Make sure the output SVG has only ONE path tag as seen below.

You have now the file ready to be uploaded as a 'print area'.